Wow the Oscars! An evening of celebrations and pretty dresses!

This week Poppy’s year group put on their very own Oscars evening. They have been learning all about films this term and it was a time for them to show off what they have learnt. The children get to dress up, walk along a red carpet and there were even prizes for the best films made.

Of course an evening like this deserved a pretty new outfit so Mummy said Poppy could pick anything she wanted. Here’s what she chose:


Dress – Gap Kids, £22.99
Shoes – Gap Kids, £16.99
Cardigan – Gap Kids, £12.99
Tights – H&M, £2.99 (pack of 2)
Headband – H&M, £2.99

Poppy is not short of summery dresses but she wanted something a bit more special. The tutu skirt definitely looked special but it was the colour itself that I loved on her. It really brought out the green in her eyes. I think this is going to be her new favourite dress!

The cardigan went perfectly. It really is a gorgeous colour and oh so soft. I think it will get plenty of wear this summer. I might even have to go back and see what other colours they have:

The shoes are like nothing we have ever brought before and do up with a zip at the back. I was worried they might rub but they didn’t. She felt very grown up in them and was delighted with how they matched the glittery waistband:

We are finding Gap Kids have lots of lovely things at the moment and it’s quickly becoming one of Poppy’s favourite places to shop. 8+ can be a tricky age, especially for girls. I find they want to look grown up but parents want them to still look like children. I think Gap seems to have the balance right. It is definitely somewhere we will be buying plenty more for her from:

Of course we had to put the other girls in dresses too. They chose their gorgeous mermaid dresses from Lilly and Sid which just happened to have to same aqua green colour in it:

What a lovely evening.

Karen x