With three little Princesses in the house we adore everything Disney related.  We also enjoy going to the cinema together so are excitedly waiting for the release of the new Beauty and The Beast Film later this month.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the highly anticipated live-action film Beauty and The Beast, Disney has launched an exciting range of new products, from toys and dolls, to costumes and accessories. The range is inspired by the exciting, new version of the classic tale which sees Belle (Emma Watson), a bright and independent young woman, become a prisoner of the Beast (Dan Stevens), only to discover soon that true beauty lies within. The film releases in UK cinemas on 17th March.

Daisy is always dressed up as a Disney Princess. She doesn’t actually have a Belle Costume yet but it’s high on her wish list so I jumped at the chance to review a few Disney Princess products and share them with you all. We were sent both the Disney Store Belle Doll and Water Bottle:

The Disney Belle Doll, Beauty and Beast Film Collection £28.99

This might seem quite expensive but she is the same price as the other film collection dolls, her arms and legs move and she is a bit different to your average doll.

When she arrived she was not quite how I expected her to be though. Yes she is very life like and yes she has the most amazing, stunning dress and shoes on but somehow they have produced her as quite masculine looking. I didn’t say anything but passed her  straight over to my three daughters who all had very different reactions to her.

Poppy and Rosie aged 8 and 6 loved how her body moved but immediately said “she doesn’t look like a Princess, she looks like a man”. That made the conversation veer towards silliness and “men don’t wear dresses” etc. However, Daisy aged 4 was completely taken with her. She didn’t seem to think there was anything strange about the way she looked, in fact she thought she was quite beautiful. She straight away went about moving her arms and legs, staring at her dress wistfully and popping the shoes on and off.

Over the past week all three girls have enjoying playing with her but Daisy would tell you she is hers! She is completely smitten:

The Disney Water Bottle £8.99

What can I say about this? It is a water bottle. It is easy to use, is light to carry and has her favourite character on it. The carry handle is a perfect addition, making it very easy for little ones to carry themselves. I have noticed Daisy has drank a huge amount of water since receiving this. It’s amazing the difference a new bottle can make.

As well as the Belle dress, here’s a few other bits from the collection that my girls would love:

The range is available from Disney Store as well as other high street and online retailers.

Karen x

*Please note we were sent these two products to review but all opinions are our own.