Dear Daisy,

Every few months I like to write a letter to you girls that you can look back on when you are older. It's a way of me letting you know how much I love you and recording all those little memories and milestones before I forget.

I can't believe you are 6 months already and this is the first time I am writing one. To be honest Mummy found the whole juggling three children harder than she thought she would at the start. It's only now things are settling down and I have more time to do these sorts of things again.

You came into this world late but in a hurry, we didnt even make it to the hospital although we ended up there straight afterwards. Once home though you just slotted right in to the family. Now we can hardly remember life without you.

The first five months were tough for you as you were quite sick. The Doctors and health visitors weren't concerned as you were putting weight on but you screamed and squirmed for hours after feeding. I think to be honest you had a bit of reflux. You turned a huge corner at 5 months and became much more settled. Mummy still needs to avoid certain foods though like citrus fruit, garlic and nuts though as they set you off again. We are also being careful with weaning and not rushing to give you dairy etc. as they all start you off again.

Seeing as though so much has happened in 6 months I thought the best way to show you what you have been up to is through photos:






These days you are a gorgeous happy little girl, who giggles and smiles at everyone. You are very tickley especially around your tummy, which makes nappy changing quite funny. You giggle every time which is pretty cute.

Content to sit up in the Bumbo, stand up in your exersaucer or lie on the floor, you no longer have to be held all the time. You do like to keep an eye on everyone though and still love your cuddles. In fact, Your body temperature is much more like mine, cooler than Daddy's and your Sister's. You love being cuddled and snuggle right in especially if we wrap you in a blanket. You have a few faves. You also love being carried in the moby wrap.

You can't crawl yet but can roll over and over to get to where you want to. It takes a while but you can do it. You are also trying to sit up and like it if we prop you up in the feeding cushion. You really like to be sat up at the table though. That way you can see everyone and join in.

Your favourite time of the day is bath time. You like to share deep, bubbly ones with your Sisters but really prefer the really shallow ones you have by yourself. You use your legs to propel yourself from one end of the bath to the other, giggling and splashing all the way. It's very cute and I always end up soaked 🙂

You love watching your Sisters and I love watching the way you all interact with each other. They are very gentle with you, giving you kisses and cuddles and helping me by fetching nappies and stuff. When you smile and giggle at them your eyes light up…it's gorgeous.

You sleep pretty well at night (only waking once to burp usually) but I'm still working on the naps. It hasn't helped that you've been so windy. You go to sleep then wake up screaming before burping and then think its time to get up but we are getting there.

I can't believe 6 months have gone already, it's just flown by. Looking forward to recording millions of more memories, enjoying millions of cuddles and watching you grow and develop into a little girl.

All my love, cuddles and kisses.

Mummy xxx