So this week has been much better than the last few. We are all feeling much healthier with just runny noses and sore throats now….that we can handle!

We have loved being out in the Fresh air and sunshine as well as doing baking and crafty stuff too. Everything is pretty good and we are all quite happy.




62. “Dippy Egg Cups” – Today we picked up the egg cups the girls painted a few weeks ago. They are going to be demanding dippy eggs at every meal now.

63. “Eat My Hat” – Daisy has no signs of teeth but is chewing everything. A quiet day, went out for coffee with friends too

64. “Swinging Fun” – It was such a lovely afternoon we played out on the swings and slide for ages.

65. “Chalk circles” – We played with the chalk board for ages today and I was amazed when Rosie was drawing little circles, straight lines, curvy lines and squares…such a clever girl.

66. “World Book Day” – Poppy had to go to School dressed as an insect so bye bye Repunzel dress & Wig and hello bumble bee costume. I took the other 2 to the usual toddler group & Tumble Tots.

67. “Sleepy Girl” – little Daisy had a difficult night last night so was shattered today. She looks so cute when sleeping though.


My picture of the week though is this one:



Number 68. “His Mini Me” – Husband thinks Daisy looks like me whilst everyone else thinks she looks like him. A cute picture and no doubling who's the Daddy!


Hope it's been a good week for you too, thanks for looking and I will be over to check out your pictures soon.


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Karen x