The week started off brilliantly with Poppy learning to ride her bike but it quickly deteriorated with both Poppy and Daisy going down with chickenpox. What a miserable Summer we are having although we are trying to be cheerful.

At least we have a big garden, it has been our saviour. We have been able to play outside everyday without affecting anyone else. I must admit my photos aren't the best this week. They have been so grumpy I just haven't taken many. But here they are anyway:



216. “Bye Bye Stabilisers” – we took the stabilisers off Poppy's bike today and I taught her to ride her bike. She was thrilled and we were all very proud of her.

217. “Living In A Box” – We are actually moving three doors down in a few weeks into a bigger house and can't wait. The girls have enjoyed playing with the boxes whilst I pack.

218. “Good Friends & A Horse” – We spent a lovely day with Jo and her boys today. We went to the park, for a walk, saw horses, stopped for coffee and gingerbread men and then back to their house for lunch and a play. They are moving away at the weekend and we are really going to miss them 🙁 Poppy started feeling unwell though and went quickly downhill once home. A high temperature and spots – the start of the dreaded chickenpox.

219. ” Spotty Poppy” – Yes definitely chickenpox – she's pickled.Worse than Rosie who had it bad. She feels dreadful and is very grumpy 🙁 Daisy has a few suspicious little spots and is very grisly too. Thinks shes getting it too.

221. “Making Bath Bombs” – I tried to cheer the girls up by making bath bombs with them today. They really enjoyed it (post coming soon) and looked good but they needed to dry overnight though so we didn't get to try them out. Instead they had a porridge bath (post coming soon).

222. “Daisy's Turn” – Daisy now has chickenpox too and isn't happy. She has lots in her hair but nowhere as near as many as the others on her body. I guess there is still time to get more. A quiet day at home but Jo and her boys popped over to say goodbye. It was lovely to see them but very emotionl when they left 🙁


My favourite this week is day 220. “Want To Be Upright” – I took a few photos of Daisy today. She is a bit grumpy but just wants to be up on her feet all the time. Here she is pulling herself up again.

It was a quiet day but a lovely evening. I went out for pizza with Jo. It was lovely to just get out and have a girly night. Lots of chatting, a bit of wine. Perfect.



Lets hope it's a better week next week and all my girls feel better.


Karen x