It's been a lovely week in this house. We had a bit more snow which was lots of fun, we've spent time with family and friends and went to the usual groups too. Daisy is napping and sleeping better and we are all happier. Let's hope it continues:



20. ' Ready to play' – Daddy took his big girls out swimming and then to lunch whist I stayed home with a poorly Daisy. They enjoyed quality time with him.

21. 'Party Time' – My girls don't have sweets. Poppy had a few last time she went to a party & Rosie's never had them. Here they are enjoying sharing some after Poppy came back from a party tonight.

22. 'Fun with chalk' – We don't have much room here so the chalkboard and easel we have is hidden away. I picked these mini ones up today though for 99p each and the girls thought they were fab!

24. 'Tired Girl' – After a busy morning of a toddler group followed by Tumble Tots and a visit from Nanny, Rosie was exhausted!

25. 'New Coat' – Poppy loves her new warm coat and has insisted on wearing it to school this week. Perfect for scooting in.

26. 'Lizard Tongue' – Daisy is really enjoying her first tastes of food. Whenever, she sees food she sticks her little tongue out. It really makes me smile.


My favourite photo though has to be 23 – 'Mummy's Handmade Sleigh'. Not having a proper one, I improvised and on Wednesday made one from a tray and a dressing gown belt. The girls loved it! Here's Rosie and Daisy having a go.



Sooooo cute.

Hope you've all had a good week too.

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Karen x