It's been a pretty good week in this house. the girls have all been really good. im feeling more in control and less stressed out and it ended with lots of lovely snow 🙂



13. 'Shopping In Style'- Princess Rosie shopping with Nanny & Gramps

14. 'Sleeping Beauty' – A very sleepy Daisy looked so pretty asleep, I couldn't resist taking snaps

15. Rosie looked adorable when we went to our favourite sing along group at the local libary this morning

16. 'A Special Treat ' – Rosie has been a little Angel recently so when we met friends for coffee today, Rosie had a baby hot chocolate…yummy!

17. 'Scooting Faster' – Poppy has been scooting to School & back and is getting much better as well as faster

19. Today was ballet day and the girls were thrilled it wasn't cancelled.


My favourite picture of the week though has to be this one – Day 18 'Little Chats'.



Such a cutie.


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Karen x