Have you ever felt as though a big black raincloud is hovering over your head and bringing bad luck with it wherever you go?

That’s how I feel right now!

I have been a bit quiet on the blog recently. Quietly posting about outdoors fun and pretty outfits but nothing from the heart. The reason for that is that life for us at the moment is crazy stressful and I have had trouble writing about it all.

This year was supposed to be a year of changes but we were prepared for that. However, things just aren’t going to plan right now.

Husband was having a career change but we were ready. In fact he has had a new one lined up for a year. He would finish one job at the end of January, have a few weeks rest and then start the new one in February. Perfect. That bit has gone smoothingly.

The new job means relocating and buying a new home but we were ready for that too. We had picked a nice new one off plan, had lovingly chosen our tiles, kitchen and flooring and were due to move in in February. Fantastic…except that bit didn’t go to plan. First the date was set back to April and then the developers pulled out completely because our buyers were taking too long. Disaster!

With nowhere to live, Husband is currently staying with my family in Gloucestershire whilst we are still in Surrey. We only have until the end of April and then we have to be out! However, finding a new home whilst living over 100 miles apart is proving to be difficult.

Add in a cheeky, troublesome four year old and a tricky eight year old who doesn’t want to move, leave her friends behind and needs to know where she will be living and going to school next and things get a whole lot worse! The three of them are constantly bickering at the moment but these two are worse.

As if we didn’t have enough to contend with last weekend Rosie brought home head lice. Poppy was the only one who didn’t get it but it has meant hours of hair brushing for all of us, more cleaning and bed washing etc.

Oh and I broke my baby toe! Yes running for the nit comb I stubbed my toe. Only it didn’t get better. It got worse. A week later and it is still black and swollen and I have to hobble to and from school doing the school run for the other two.

Then this week Rosie has developed an awful vomiting bug (headaches, projectile vomit, stomach cramps and upset tummy). She’s been off school since Tuesday and has needed lots of cuddles. However, it  has of course involved lots of cleaning, more bed washing etc for me…whilst hobbling of course!

Oh and on top of that, the other two have been jealous of all the attention Rosie’s been having so have been playing up. I am desperately trying to split myself three ways but it’s tricky!

A huge career change, buying and selling houses and relocating, which of course means new schools for the girls is all incredibly stressful and putting a huge amount of pressure on this family. Add in all this sickly stuff and I am feeling broken.

In my head I know we will get through it all and everything will work out but right now it isn’t and that’s worrying.

I really do need that raincloud to be replaced by a rainbow. Surely we are due some good luck now!

Watch this space.

Karen x