Last Sunday we enjoyed a fantastic family day out at Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo in the Forest Of Dean. Luckily for us it was a beutiful day as well as a fun one filled with lots of activities to keep the little ones entertained.

First up we chose to see the butterflies themselves. The girls were thrilled to be given magnifying glasses and identification charts, making the whole thing even more exciting. Fun as well as educational we saw tiny little eggs on big green leaves, caterpillar’s, cocoons as well as lots and lots of butterflies in all different colours:




Next up was a game of miniature golf. The girls really enjoyed this and Poppy also got the only hole in one! Daddy won of course but nobody minded:



Time then for lunch. Straight across the road was a beautiful hotel/ pub which we decided to try. Set in gorgeous grounds with views of rolling hills and sheep, we ate in the gardens. Set up for children they even had an adventure area for them and fish to look at so it was perfect. The food was really good too:




It was such a lovely setting we just let the girls relax and play and took photos:



We still had the Maze to see or Hedge Puzzle as they are often called. We had a lovely introduction from one of the Brothers who planted it. He agreed to have his picture taken for this blog.

The girls enjoyed running around and were very excited when going the right way. At the end was a little Museum and a viewing platform where you could look over the top:



As it was so warm, a little stop in the tea room was required where the big girls enjoyed yummy ice creams. Daisy was still snoozing. We were delighted to find the seating area was basically a large grassy area so once again let the girls run and play.



Seeing as though most of these pictures are of the big girls I thought I would show you how much Daisy enjoyed it to:



She thoughly enjoyed herself.

Just in case you missed it here’s a little video:




Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Hope you’ve all been enjoying some outdoor fun too.

Karen x