Wow, when we read her blog and join in with Country Kids we all agree that Fiona has a wonderful home and a wonderful lifestyle but really, you should see the place. It's a beautiful, magical place where you instantly relax and want to play.


On Friday we arrived in Cornwall and popped in for a little visit. The whole family relaxed as we were welcomed into her amazing home, fed delicious home made chocolate cake and even given a guided tour. We felt very special and enjoyed being real Country Kids.



The girls absolutely loved the animals, especially the baby chicks, the big pigs and the donkeys:







They ran, climbed and rolled down the hill:



They even paddled in the stream, admittedly it was initially to wash off goats poo but I imagine they would have done this anyway! It's the sort of place that makes you relax and want to do things like paddle.



None of us really wanted to go but we needed to check in to our destination which was still 30 minutes away.


The photos on her website are lovely but they do not do it justice at all. With 30 acres of private woodland, meadows and gardens there is so much space and so much to explore! Note to self though….beware of the electric fence. Silly old me only went and stunned myself in the head by walking into it – whoops!! It could only of happened to clumsy old me.



We were only there a few hours but we were all suitably impressed. We definitely want to return on holiday soon….in fact Poppy wanted us to move in haha!



Thanks again Fiona.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Karen x