We have not had a good time of it lately. You see chickenpox has hit us. My three beautiful girls and their perfect soft skin have been violated.

They have been literally covered in spots. They've suffered from very high temperatures and been miserable too. You can't blame them though. I would be miserable if I looked like this:



I looked chickenpox up and it's described as:

a common childhood illness that causes a rash of itchy spots that turn to fluid-filled blisters”.

It makes it sound so harmless. We know different. The girls have suffered terribly, they've been itchy, sore and grumpy. They've had trouble sleeping which means I have too.

It's ruined our family Summer, our holiday plans and the whole of Husbands leave. Whilst it seems all of our friends are jetting off on holiday or camping in Cornwall we are stuck at home 🙁 Instead of feeling recuperated and refreshed, we are all exhausted!

The only thing that has really helped is porridge baths.

Yes you read that right…. porridge baths as advised by an old friend.

Here's what I do.


Take two large handfuls of porridge oats and place them in the centre of a muslin:




Next tie together with a hair bobble/ elastic creating a little pouch.




Whilst running a warm bath drop it in and let it work it's magic. The bath water will turn milky and the cloth silky smooth.


Poppy was terrified of being washed and it hurting her spots but found using this didn't hurt at all. Both Rosie and Daisy like them too and it seems to relieve the itching for a while.

Let's hope they all feel better soon.

Karen x