Avoiding Having Fussy Eaters

Fussy eaters are always a hot topic between Mums. I am the fussiest eater of all and it’s a total nightmare. Even now i’m a grown up, if we are invited anywhere for dinner or go to a restaurant, I worry about what will be on the menu. Actually it’s more than that, sometimes I […]

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Head Lice Again, Bring Back The Nit Nurse

Honestly I am fed up, disappointed, miserable, upset and angry. The cause of these feelings are blooming head lice and they are driving me crazy. Since February, we have been getting notes in the girls book bags almost daily and I have been checking their hair twice daily for the horrible little things. Not easy […]

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The Worst Date Ever!

So yesterday Husband and I found ourselves both home with not much on. The girls were all at school and everyone was healthy so we decided to go on a date…. Yes a date during the day. Just us, no children. Something we had never done. We decided to go to the movies and watch […]

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