The Worst Date Ever!

So yesterday Husband and I found ourselves both home with not much on. The girls were all at school and everyone was healthy so we decided to go on a date…. Yes a date during the day. Just us, no children. Something we had never done. We decided to go to the movies and watch […]

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Anxiety, Hair biting And A Worry Doll

Anxiety in children…what do they have to be anxious about, how serious can it be and can anxiety in children be fixed? A few months ago I discovered Poppy (aged 7) was becoming really anxious. She was worrying about everything and getting herself in a state about what seemed liked trivial things. She was worried […]

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No More Thumb Sucking!

I am really pleased to share that Rosie is no longer a thumb sucker and she did it all herself. She has not sucked her thumb since the Easter holidays and I couldn’t be more pleased. She will tell you that she does not know how she stopped, she just did but I think it […]

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