Whilst holidaying at Coombe Mill over the New Year, the girls fell in love with the bunnies. Honestly they were mesmerised by them and we had to visit several times a day. When they overheard Fiona telling me sometimes the baby bunnies go home with visitors they desperately wanted to take one home. They had her picked out ready…meet fluffy, the white tummy one although they quite liked the grey tummy one too and named him Thunder.

Just one problem though. Daddy needed convincing.

Girls (fluttering eyelashes and smiling sweetly) – “Daddy, please can we have a bunny rabbit?”


Daddy: “No! we are not having a rabbit”


Girls: “But please Daddy. We will be extra good”


Daddy: “No! we do not need a rabbit”


Girls: “But please Daddy. Look she’s so cute and we would look after her” (hands her to Daddy)


Daddy (voice changes tone, is softer) “Hello, Oh she is pretty cute but no! We do not need a rabbit”


Girls: “But Daddy she likes you”


Daddy: (relenting?) “Mmmmmmm, maybe”


Daddy did google rabbits that night and despite a few reservations like where would we put her and would she need a friend? I must admit I thought we would be taking one home. Sadly though there just wasn’t enough room in the car. We took far too much stuff with us.

Next time though maybe?

If you are heading to Coombe Mill you are in for treat and I I know they are planning on more babies soon!

Karen x