Honestly I am fed up, disappointed, miserable, upset and angry. The cause of these feelings are blooming head lice and they are driving me crazy.

Since February, we have been getting notes in the girls book bags almost daily and I have been checking their hair twice daily for the horrible little things. Not easy when they have hair this long:

We have treated them, sent them back to school clean but they bring them home time and time again. Sometimes its just one or two whilst on other occasions there have been 12 or 13. Could it be just one person whose parents are not checking like us? Is someone riddled with them?

We have brought all sorts of shampoos, mousse treatments and combs over the past few months to the grand total of £150 so far. We spend night after night covering their long thick hair in conditioner and combing it through, checking they are bug free. It takes hours. Which means, whilst we are doing this we are not doing other things like listening to them read or playing together! It’s never ending!

The girls go to school lice free with their hair in plaits, with preventative spray on but they still come home with the lousy little critters. I just don’t know what else to do. I have told the girls to stay away from anyone scratching their heads and to tell their friends they might have them if they see them itching but of course they still catch them. It’s so depressing. It’s disgusting!

Some evenings I just want to cry. Some evenings the girls have cried. We are all fed up but other than send out a more formal letter there is nothing else the school can do or is there?

What happened to the old fashioned nit nurse? I seriously think we need them back. I have mentioned it to the school but no. They don’t think its any more of a problem than usual! Seriously? I know my girls are not the only ones who have been catching them. They are picking them up from someone. Parents chat in the playground and it is a problem. The girls have not had head lice since Poppy was at Preschool five years ago when I wrote a post about headline and the impact on our family.

I am feeling so itchy just writing this. I haven’t brushed my hair with a normal brush for months. Constantly checking my own with the nit comb as well.

Fingers crossed it all resolves soon and that we don’t find anymore. Until then I guess I will just keep on checking, spraying and treating, hoping other parents are doing the same. Will keep you posted.

Karen x