It’s hard to believe it but my beautiful baby girl Daisy is a month old already. Before she was born we were kindly sent a fabulous baby bean bag from Bean Bag Bazaarto review and I have to tell you that it has been used several times a day since she was born and I have been dying to tell you all about it: We received the baby Bambeano in soft pink polka dot which retails for 49.99. It is also available in a baby blue and soft beige too, all lovely colours. Delivery was very quick and I was immediately impressed and excited when it arrived. It is absolutely gorgeous. Being pregnant at the time, I couldn’t wait for my baby to arrive and test it out.

Baby bean bags are perfect for babies aged 0-6 months. We have used ours since Day 1. This one has a safety harness, meaning your little one will be safe and secure and not roll off. The bag itself is a good size and I like the way it can be made completely flat or tilted up if you prefer. This would be particularly useful if your little one suffers from acid reflux. My daughter takes ages to bring up her wind after a feed so its perfect for her. I can put her down and trust she will not vomit or scream in pain as soon as I do.

If she does happen to be sick (which she has been a few times) it doesn’t matter as the cover itself is easily removed. With a simple zip it can be taken off and placed in the washing machine. Its 100% cotton so easy to care for and put back on. It washes up brilliantly, the colours don’t run and it still looks like new.

The bag itself is very soft. Its easy to slip your baby in and out of the harness and nothing rubs. I have found the Bambeano invaluable. With two other Daughters under five I have my hands full so do need to put her down – sometimes when she is not ready, like when the 2 year old needs to use the bathroom when i’m halfway through feeding (yes this happens daily)!

I think you can tell from these photos that Daisy loves her bean bag too. She is safe, secure and very comfortable. When awake and alert she can also see us all which she seems to like.

I love this baby bean bag and would pick it over a baby bouncer any day. In fact my two year old quite likes it too. She often pulls it out, lies back saying “aaaahhhh”.

It gets a 10/10 from this family and we would definitely recommend to others.

Karen x

Please note I was sent this bean bag for the purpose of review but all words and opinions are my own.