Dear Mark Warner,

We are Poppy (aged 8), Rosie (aged 6) and Daisy (aged 4) and we absolutely adore going on family holidays. We have studied your website hard and think yours look like some of the best we’ve ever seen…. pretty AMAZING in fact! Especially the kids clubs! So pretty please may our family become Ambassadors for you?

Mummy tried last year but sadly we weren’t really in the mood to help her do a video. This year though we are all one year older and a bit more sensible so have decided we definitely would like to be one of the lucky five families. Therefore we are making an extra special effort because we love holidays but we love our Mummy more and she wants it more than anything.

Mummy has spent ages on her computer designing this mood board. We think it’s pretty cool but we want to tell you in our own words why we need these things on holiday:

Our  Top 10 Travel Must Haves

These are in our order of preference not our parents:

  1.  Our Trunki’s –  Mummy has made the photo a bit small when it should be massive. These are for us and all of our stuff on the journeys. She packs them full of treats, snacks and things to keep us busy. Daisy and Rosie also like to ride on them around the airports.
  2. Our Teddies – These come everywhere with us. They love plane journeys and mean we never have a problem sleeping whilst away.
  3. Swimsuits – We love playing in the pool and being thrown high in the sky by our Daddy. We definitely need our swimsuits for this.
  4. Sunhat’s – We do like our hats.  Yes they keep us cool but they look pretty cute too!  We definitely never complain about wearing them in the sun.
  5. Sunglasses – We like to look cool on holiday and sometimes it’s a bit hard to see in the bright sun so they can be quite useful. We all need new ones this year though.
  6. Pretty dresses – We do love dresses but Mummy is crazy about them. We would definitely all have quite a few in our suitcase.
  7. The Hammamas thingy – this is so cool. It can be a towel, wrap, sarong, skirt and all sorts! Oh and it dries super quickly too.
    Mummy calls it hers but we like to borrow it as well. She did say she would get us all one each but hasn’t yet.
  8. Books for all of us – We all like to read, even Mummy and Dady so we would take a few real books for all of us. Us girls would also sneak in our kindles too. Not sure why she hasn’t put them in the essential items really!
  9. The GoPro – We actually quite like using this ourselves especially in the water. We would love to help our Mummy and Daddy video a Mark Warner Holiday.
  10. Cameras – Mummy and Daddy take a lot of photos and sometimes even let us take some too. They would probably have this at the top of their list but we’ve slipped our teddies in first. They do take lovely photos though. We are sure you would be impressed.

Right, I think that’s us organised. We could put all of this in a case right now and be on our way!

We were hoping to do a cool video and had a brilliant idea for it but the closing date came around a bit quicker than expected. This wasn’t how we imagined our completed application to be but we do hope you think we would be perfect to work with you. We promise we are all very good.

Love Poppy, Rosie and Daisy xx
Oh and Mummy and Daddy too of course

* Mostly written by Poppy and Rosie with a little help from Daisy and Mummy.

This is our families entry to become Mark Warner Holiday Ambassadors 2017. Wish us luck! #markwarnermum