We have enjoyed a very merry family Christmas and are now looking forward to seeing the rest of the family over New Year. Until then here are some of the highlights:


1. Taking my big girls along with my Mum, Sister and her eldest William to see Disney's Frozen on Christmas Eve. It was the first time my girls had been to the movies and they loved it. We let them enjoy the whole experience with a small bag of sweets each (another first) and popcorn. It really was lovely.

2. The girls all excited and ready for bed in new pjs left by Santas Elves. They took it as a sign that they had been good enough so Santa would be coming:




3. Daisy helping herself to Santas mince pie:




4. Sitting back and relaxing with Husband and a glass of wine on Christmas Eve once everything was done. There's no photo but it was a lovely evening.

5. Waking up at 7am to Rosie shouting “Wow Santa came and he left me a headband”. I couldn't help smiling and brought her into our room to open the rest of her stocking. Again no photo but it was a pretty magical start to the day. I always loved opening our stockings on my Mum and Dads bed. Daisy didn't really understand what was going on but loved her goodies.

6. All of their faces when they walked into the living room to see the Pressies and a wig wam. It was very sweet. All the girls had a great time, Daisy was at a lovely age joining in with everything:



7. My beautiful fingerprint necklace from my lovely husband and girls…I love it:



8. Lunch at my Mum and Dad's with my Nana, My Sister and her boys. I did take some lovely pictures but for some strange reason they have disappeared. I think Husbands must have switched the cards or deleted them but he's denying all knowledge, let's hope they turn up soon.


9. A Boxing Day spread at ours followed by a fun trip to the park (Rosie stayed home with my Mum & Nana as had a high temperature and a little unwell):



10. My Sister and her boys then stayed for a sleepover on Boxing Day which really was a special treat. The children all played beautifully together, went to sleep without any trouble and Donna and I got to chill out and catch up properly with a few chocolate Baileys…yummy!

Hoped you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas too.


Karen x