Introducing my brand new look. Hope you like!

So much has changed since I first started writing this blog. In those days I was trying my hardest to be the perfect mummy to two and wanted to look the part too. Nowadays I have three and I’m much more relaxed. I’ve given up on being perfect but doing a pretty good job anyway even if I do say so myself.

Life is crazy, chaotic, noisy and messy with three little ones but it is also a lot of fun. My little family mean everything to me and I’ve been recording every little thing we get up to along the way. From days out and holidays to the things they wear and stuff I’ve made, it’s all here.

These days I’ve developed a real interest in photography. Armed with a pretty good camera and a lovely husband whose helping me, my pictures are getting better and better and I’m eager to learn. This new blog layout will help showcase the best ones perfectly.

Of course it is still very me and full of pink and girly pretty little things. It’s not quite finished yet and I’m sure I’ll be changing things over the next few week but for now I hope you enjoy.

karen x